Phoenix en het Gouden Ei

phoenix and golden egg - kopie

Feniks en het gouden ei


En vele andere bijzondere beelden in de lucht:


met dank aan “music player 1979” van het kanaal van Planet X & Niburu System


Een gedachte over “Phoenix en het Gouden Ei

  1. [Monday, November 24, 2014 9:24 PM] Kate of Gaia IS Cygnus Trumps it: Nibiru or N-Ibi-Uru…the infinitely mine high mind/physical mind allegory…it really is easy to show this…watch….those that are trapped in and of the physical reality think they need to dig deep into the earth to hide from destruction which will be absolute and complete this time (Mama/Papa’s taking out the trash once and for all) and for those that KNOW what Nibi-Uru truly is, are digging deep into their own hearts for “protection”…so you’ll either dig a hole or dig (groovy) a whole (creation) anogogic quad…..

    THIS is what Nibi-Uru is…the separator of the wheat and the chaff with the true hearts in the trust of CREATION as the wheat and the false hearts in trust of man’s folly in the fallen physical form….only those that trust creation collect the 4th quad of the heart where divine feminine creation lives….LEGAL NAME users are the chaff….the in/of Baby-loners are precisely that…yer on yer own baby if you worship the mark of this beast and the whores of Babylon that serves only evil…which team do you play on?….creation or destruction…best choose now, chiron, the boatman, just went direct kids….mwahs, katie!


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