Birth certificate

The Birth Certificate is the most damning legal document and contract that people are intimidated to “sin up” for without any legal foreknowledge as to the true nature of this soul stealer and literal deal with the devil, Satanic cult I.D.-doll….The only thing that “forces” anyone to REGISTER their children with Satan’s 666 inky-n-lily’s is the fact that THEY consent to be the legal name on the SAME prior fraud, merely continued. This is why you DON’T have a choice while you WILL yourself to be THEIR legal name property slave first.

Here’s a list of a few crimes you commit in the legal sense that paints you and all those that go along with this legal name fraud:

1. Birth Certificate name is NOT to be used for IDENTIFICATION purposes, as stated right on the document (if it’s on one, it’s on them all legal fact). Fraud.

2. It is a felony/crime to use the Birth Certificate legal name to create other CERTIFICATES i.e. I.D., bank accounts, licenses, passports etc. Fraud.

3. You’re using COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY of the CROWN CORPORATION without explicit permission to do so (i.e. a B.A.R. card gtants legal name right of use but it doesn’t change the fact that a lawyer/judge had to commit fraud to enter Law School in the first place making them double down criminals) Fraud, Theft, copyright Infringement et al.

4. You are 3rd PARTY INTERLOPING on a contract created by other parties where only 2 are known to you; your idea of what you call parents. Fraud.

5. Profiting from the avails of crime i.e. employment, investments, property, employees(slave owner).

6. Aiding and Abetting another into a criminal ACT by asking for/giving out the name on the birth certificate where it is illegal to use anything legal at all, cops especially.

7. Knowingly entering another into a fraudulent contract (child) where parents and CROWN are co-conspirators. Parents can’t claim ignorance now that this fraud is revealed. i.e. you’re doing it KNOWINGLY now.

This list is actually endless but here a few of the ones the general public can easily grasp. your children will NEVER be free until YOU void YOUR own willingness to be the legal name on the Birth Certificate contract that YOUR parents unknowingly railroad-dead you into. It’s up to you to continue in their sin/sign as a 3rd party interloper but remember, you do this? You are not only condemning yourself but you’re condemning your children to hell as well. It only takes ONE parent to break this contract so it matters not how much your part-kneer bows to this truth; a contract is broken (clausula rebis sic stantibus) when the FUNDAMENTAL basis of that contract CHANGES. Well, this changes EVERYTHING and stops the demons DEAD in their tracks.

So it’s up to you, your children won’t be free or safe until YOU make a stand for self first. You are nothing more than a motherfucking liar like everyone else that fails to stand for theirs and everyone else’s children by standing for themselves first. I’m working on a little send out that all new, longtime and expecting parents can give to the REGISTRATION ophuses(serpents) when they keep trying to insist you register your children, marking their documents with terms like IMPORTANT!….URGENT! etc…….yeah, it’s important and urgent that YOU get this legal fact through your thick skulls first or be satisfied with being forced at gunpoint to enslave your kids. They MUST get YOU to CONFESS to being a LEGAL NAME criminal first and all you have to do is BREATHE that SPELL into reality…..go ahead….give them THEIR legal name property claimed as yours and you’re already dead, owned, lock stalk and B.A.R.-ruled. The cops love to use their little NARMER PALETTES to write new SPELLS if you’ve chosen your own calling….SPELL nothing, Rite nothing, close that book of the dead forever…..kate


The greatest crime humanity commits, unknowingly amongst the masses, is that it’s illegal to be anything legal while they scream about how ILLEGAL the evil people of this world operate….yeah…legal name fraud = humanity genie-cide….kills your soul…wanna end the madness…get THAT information out….it’s illegal to be legal anything where EVERY other crime is made legally deafened-Abel….Courts, banks, wars, politicians, religions, corruption CANNOT exist without YOU claiming a legal name does….No legal name, no money, no money no corrupt courts etc….follow the bouncing ball, NOT the Bow-and-sink Ba’al….your Cinderella has been slave long enough non?….kate


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